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Our History begins with Clémence and Marcel Mutschler, owners of a farm and Bar-café “A l’Ange” in Lipsheim. After the death of the head of the family the question was asked about the future. Who was going to take over the farm? Why not open a restaurant serving Tartes Flambées and other specialties from Alsace?

And so it began that on April 4, 1976, Clémence Mutschler and her children opened the restaurant, “A L’Ange”. Gérard, Alfred and Christian busied themselves in the kitchen of an establishment that was, at the time, unique in its style. Very quickly ever more guests came every evening from Thursday to Sunday. Making an extension had to be thought about.

In 1982, Reine (maiden name Mutschler) and Yves Feger founded a PLC named “A l’Ange”. They enriched the menu and opened at noon as well. Sisters-in-law, spouses and brothers-in-law slowly joined the family team.

Some guests came from far away. Tourists, but also salesmen making the rounds wanted to discover our famous ‘Tarte Flambée’… But there wasn’t much accommodation in the vicinity. No Problem, a parcel of land was available at the edge of the forest, just beyond the last house in the village… Reine and Yves had a hotel called “Les Alizés” built there that opened in 1993. At the same time, the towns of Fegersheim, Erstein and Geispolsheim were building their commercial zones; success was once more at the calling.

By 2012, the third generation was underway. As for the children, Jérémy and Stéphanie, who had left to forge their professional experience, were back again, with their Know-how … and their spouses Oriane and Frédéric, who shared the same passion.

In 2013, they expanded the Wellness area in the Hotel “Les Alizées”, boasting an indoor swimming pool, a Spa, Sauna and Steam Bath. A weekend offering took shape in connection with the gourmet restaurant created by Oriane and Jérémy, “Le Chalet de L’Hôtel”. For the decor, a mountain atmosphere and style while the kitchen proffers classic dishes from the region as well as new bold creations – a menu that looks like a travel journal.

Today, the family manages three establishments, in which some forty people are employed. In the Restaurant, “A l’Ange”, the Hotel “Les Alizés” and in the “Chalet de l’Hôtel”, the same tradition of hospitality and passion still reins intact over all the years.

And the story isn’t over: it has only just begun… The third generation is just as full of projects. But… hush!



Restaurant à l’Ange - 30 rue Jeanne d’Arc - 67640 Lipsheim - Tel : +333 88 64 07 78 
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